When your family heirloom portraiture matters most, we deliver a classical studio portrait experience in the comfort and convenience of your home.




The Noir Collection:

A tasteful but bold translation of timeless black & white imagery, capturing the essence of relationships and preserving each individual in print for future generations to admire.


The absence of color allows us to feature what matters most - expressions and compositions. Also, by working in grayscale, images are not easily dated as those featuring colors which are continually in and out of style. Black & white is the true classic.


(Clothing consultations are complimentary for every session although we ask that your attire consist of solid colors or very subtle patterns for the Noir Collection) 





What do your walls say? Are they a testament to your loved ones or are they simply a place to hang random things? 





Wall Art - Sizes 16x20 and larger are considered wall art. 

  • Heavy canvas print handmade by G7 Certified Lab who cater only to photographic and art professionals  
  • Choice of .75" or 1.5" depth
  • Canvas alternatives include photographic and museum quality fine art papers





Albums - Constructed entirely by hand and include a fitted presentation box. 

  • Vertical, square and horizontal configurations
  • Numerous colors and finishes




The Interview - An intimate but casual video interview where we explore such topics as childhood, adulthood, relationships, career, successes and even failures. There is no script. Open ended questions are posed which are designed to uncover your uniqueness as well as what makes you special.

When the video module is paired with the handmade album it makes for an exquisite presentation that is certain to be a premier family heirloom.





Gift Prints - Museum grade matting offered at no additional charge. Presentation boxes, like the one seen above are available to house multiple prints and are a great way to exhibit your prints. 

  • Sizes 5x7 through 10x10
  • Choice of photographic or fine art papers





Collections offer a 20% savings and start at only $1300.




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