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Some of you may wonder - What is Architectural Photography and how does it vary from Real Estate Photography?

  • In a nutshell, Architectural Photography are high production value images of Model Homes, Custom Homes, Historical Buildings, Home and Business Products in their natural setting, Office Buildings and Commercial Spaces to name a few.


  • The images are usually created for Home Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Firms, Property Owners, Government and Decor & Home Product Manufacturers, as well as other similar companies and industries.


  • Architectural Photography differs from Real Estate Photography in that Real Estate Photography is typically utilized by Realtors and Brokers for the purpose of selling a listing. This means it's normally used for a fairly short period of time.


  • Architectural Photography on the other hand is used to promote the long term branding and work of Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Firms and manufacturers of products used in the construction, outfitting and decoration of homes, office buildings and commercial spaces. The images may be used for years and years in print and digital advertisements both locally & nationally as well as in print displays. Company websites will almost always feature at least a portion of the images created.







There are many different styles among Architectural Photographers. The following are some of the main types:

  • Soft and Airy - This type of architectural image has lower contrast and is usually brighter. 


  • Subdued - Architectural images like this also feature lower contrast, like a Soft & Airy image, but aren't as bright. 


  • High Contrast - Architectural photography images with this attribute are just what you'd expect. The brights are bright and the darks are dark. They are the opposite of Subdued.


  • My style is mostly high contrast with mood and richness added due to the manner in which I light each scene. It's how I create the texture in surfaces and objects. That said, I adjust my images to fit my clients preferences. I've created images for Builders, Investment Trusts, Portfolio Offerings, Manufacturers of Interior, Exterior and Commercial Lighting, Manufacturers of Window Treatments, Manufacturers of Home Products and Specialty Commercial Brokers. 



Model Home ExteriorModel Home Exterior



There is no right or wrong type of image. It's all art and really depends on your branding and how you want to present your work and/or product. Please feel free to have a look at any of my portfolios and if you'd like to hear my thoughts on a particular project then please reach out!