Matt Sweadner Photography | About

This is where I'm supposed to talk about how I was born with a camera in my hand, how awesome I am, how many awards I have, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah... Sorry to disappoint if that's what you're after because you won't find that here lol. This should be about you, not me.  


If you require your product to stand out among a sea of competition you're in the right place. Difficult scenarios and demanding clients are what motivates me so no challenge is too big. I strive to knock it out of the park for you on each image, thereby maximizing your online engagement. Each image is created utilizing my custom light sculpting techniques which have been honed over thousands of hours of development. Light sculpting far surpasses typical regular lighting or even "light painting" and elevates your images to the highest obtainable degree.  


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