I am an Architectural, Product & Portrait Artist located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and available for travel anywhere my clients need me. Well, almost anywhere. I won't work on the wing of an airplane or suspended from some high elevation - Sorry lol. 


My architectural and product image style - I'm one of a very small percentage of photographers in the world who have mastered light painting, which is how I achieve my distinctive look. In a nutshell, light painting involves hitting the object being photographed with light at varying intensities and angles. Each final image is typically comprised of 50-100 layers of lighting. Small products usually incorporate 5 or so. This lighting technique allows me to create contrast and accentuates the curves, lines, peaks and valleys of the object. This method also allows me to add highlights where I deem desirable. Light painting is indispensable for creating dynamic images with an extreme wow factor.


My portraiture style - I also utilize lighting for portraiture, just not the insane amount of lighting performed on objects. My preference leans dramatic but varies based on a number of factors and tailored to my subject.


Client objective:

My goal for every client is to create images that make them and their products jump off the screen and/or printed page. They only get a second or two to grab attention, but if I do my job right, they get much more than that.


My lighting and grip kit is extensive and typically much more than needed to handle any assignment.  


If you like my work, then please feel to reach out with any projects you feel I may be able to help with. Just click HERE for my contact information.