The Importance of Quality Photography for Interior Designers in Tampa Bay

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Good designs and furnishings compliment a space whether it be a home or a commercial environment.

Good photography does the same. Snapshots and poor photography do not qualify. Anyone can take those, even someone with a “fancy camera.” I'm speaking about high end images. Architectural photography (Interiors, exteriors, design elements, etc) is a skilled art and requires specialized knowledge. As with any other field, there are varying levels of expertise.

A $100,000 design effort doesn't look much better than a $1999 one if the image is horrible. Impeccable design loses a lot of it's impact and appeal when walls are tilted, glare spots are everywhere, lighting is bad, or when it just doesn't look so good because of the poor composition of an image.

Cove - Living room & pool view A-9 revision 1 -smallCove - Living room & pool view A-9 revision 1 -small

There are numerous factors involved to create images that rise above subpar photographs. Key elements that differentiate high end images from second rate photos are:

A) Straight walls – As easy as it sounds, there are many photographers delivering images with crooked walls. Slanted, leaning, or bowed walls are not professional and do not look good at all. The only exception is an overhead from another level of the space.


B) Proper exposure – This means that light areas aren't too bright and darks aren't too dark. Photographers call it “blown out highlights” and “crushed shadows.” Interiors typically contain the extremes of lights and darks which require advanced techniques to compensate. The true architectural photographer has the skills and knowledge to overcome those challenges. For views of the outside, blue skies are always more pleasant and inviting than white skies.


C) Lack of reflections – Have you ever seen images that have reflections in wall prints or in glass shower doors? It doesn't look very good does it? The reflections are present because the photographer either didn't eliminate them while shooting or didn't remove them after the shoot during post processing. It's common to see bathroom lights, fixtures, towels, and even windows look like they actually exist in the shower. That's just crazy! This is another area where skilled architectural photographers shine. Your images work harder for you when the eye isn't distracted with all those ridiculous looking reflections everywhere.


D) Strength of composition – There are numerous principles that increase compositional value. The first has to do with where radiuses and lines travel through and also intersect certain sections of an image, including the edge. The second involves where elements are located within the image itself. The application of these principles along with the total number used in any given image means the difference between a great image and a poor one.


E) Sharp images – Cameras have come a long way since the digital age. Even cell phones have remarkably good cameras built in. In no way though are they able to compete with the sophisticated electronics, and more importantly, superior quality lenses found in professional equipment. It doesn't mean an amateur is guaranteed good results from a pro level camera because that would mean that we could all be great writers by simply purchasing an expensive keyboard. It does mean though that the superior optics found in higher end cameras produce images with greater clarity and sharpness over lower end equipment.


E) Superior editing – No matter how good an image is, it's simply not as good as it can be with proper editing. Editing is like seasoning. Just like a fine chef will season foods to perfection, delivering a treat for the taste buds, the skilled photographer will delivery exquisite images that are a treat for your eyes. Gifted photographers can produce images that actually look better than seeing something in person.

Plantation - Master bath-15-smallPlantation - Master bath-15-small

A talented photographer will incorporate all of these and more, creating beautifully engaging images which attract more clients as well as allowing you to properly show off your design work. They can even make the mundane look so good it generates interest.


Todays clients are online, which means quality images are more essential than ever before. Potential clients will either be grabbed by your images or they will grabbed by your competitors images. Which do you prefer?


If it's the latter then Matt Sweadner Photography is here for you. We provide outstanding images to showcase quality designs in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond. Consultations are provided at no cost or obligation. It's part of the service we offer and our clients appreciate our desire to understand what sets them apart. Our goal is to make our clients look their absolute best. Call us today at 727-697-7903 or simply email us here: You can view more of our work at:




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I like that you talked about how interior photography is a skilled art that requires expertise and specialized knowledge which makes quality photography an important matter. My sister is looking to sell her house, and she wanted to make sure that her house will look as great as possible once she posts its photos to an online selling website. This is to make sure that she'll be able to sell it immediately. It will make sense for her to invest in quality photos that can help her to sell her house on the market. I will make sure to share your blog with her so she can consider hiring an interior photographer. Thanks!
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